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            We started the process of creating LaMuy in early 2014, now is a reality as street slow-fashion-firm and gives us the opportunity of being involved on the creation of high quality stuff for men and women.-

            "LaMuy" cames from Spanish-Madrid-slang expression that says "Achanta la mui" (Shut your mouth), we needed that our brand represent our playful character and our identity and decided to go ahead this word modifying the "y" to make it more visual. We also made a collaboration on sweats applying the brand-new font BeraSans® by fantastic Mr.HOLKE 79 on the sleeve graphics.

            Art Direction: @valistika_studio / @lamuystore​​​​​​
            Film & Photo Direction: @holke79
            2nd Camera Photo: @davidgsmadrid
            Models: @paulucinante / @jorgecos33 / @gnz_brush

            Special thanks to Pyroprinters printhouse for doing such an excellent job and also to family and friends that always offer support to us and of course to the nail squad :)

            You can check our products at